Random Musings of the Ghost within .

Come with me …

Sing with me the most beautiful song, Let the genre be sadcore …

Walk with me on a brightest day, Let the day be a dark rainy day …

Color with me the most vibrant painting, Let it be a shade of black …

Come with me and i promise to show You, How happy, vibrant and colorful darkness is !!!



Rain Musings 2

Long lone rides are fun with friends, makes three of us during rainy days !

-El Fantasma

Rain Musings 1

In the sound of Raindrops and the sight of dark Clouds, I heard and saw loneliness fade away …

And when came the sun with the blue skies, loneliness silently slipped in !

– El Fantasma

Untitled 2

Nature is never lonely, never alienated .. But why are humans lonely even when Nature surrounds them …

– El Fantasma

Untitled 1

The whiff of fragrance, so captivating,

In the next moment, the dream is over …

– El Fantasma

Ain’t Heartless !

Part of me still loved, part of me didn’t,

With time as the former tried to grow,

It shrank on the other side, till it was gone.

Who is at fault , who knows !

Perhaps, new beginnings and not sad endings …

Many said I lack emotions, but I know,

How I felt pain, and now am sure that my chest holds a Heart !

Pseudo-Geeks – Cool or Uncool ?

Is it just me or does everyone notice this. The overuse of the word “Geek” just to sound cool. ( Well I haven’t seen a similar usuage of Nerd yet). 

Merriam-Websters defines Geek as below

Is a real Geek in terms of above definition likely to call oneself geek ? I think its the people around who would refer to someone as a geek (esp. for people who aren’t socially outgoing or too inclined to a field or activity). Now as I understand chilling out, Hanging out, grabbing beer or food regularly won’t qualify as a valid activity. 

Well all said and done, perhaps thats how it is gonna be ? Showy and Shallow. 

I really hope that people still respect knowledge, strive to learn and improve everyday and be humble. 

A real expert would’nt call themselves an expert becuase the mere fact that are experts, lets them see and know deeper the vastness of any field. Its that deep understanding which is required to understand the vastness, the beauty and to understand “there is so much more” !!

Geek or Nerd ain’t cool, its the quest of a man to learn as much, understand as much and improve as much everyday is what is cool !

I wish …

I wish when i am back sweaty after cycling and lie on couch, someone shouts and asks me to shower.

I wish when i am too tired after work, i have someone wide open arms to make me feel nice. 

I wish I share my love of music with someone who sits beside me and put my head on her shoulders while listening to our favourite songs. 

I wish I cook for someone and i can see the reaction of first bite. 

I wish when I am lazy someone makes me a cup of coffee. 

I wish I can go on long walks with someone while chitchatting !

I wish I wake up to see a lovely face instead of my own face in mirror !

I wish to walk in rain and get drenched in rain with someone, 

I wish, I wish, I wish …

Haunted …

The day one ceases,

To be haunted …

Is the day,

One ceases to live …

– El Fantasma

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