Random Musings of the Ghost within .

Dream is Over

The Dreams that end are the ones which make humans “dream” bigger, the endings of the dreams makes us dreamers… Endings are always new Beginnings !

Vibrant Melancholy !

Depression and Sad songs is a juxtaposition, just like Rainy Days and Gloominess …

Sad Songs are the most uplifting and Rainy Days are the brightest …

Afterthoughts from Endless Rains by X Japan (

Shades of Darkness …

Darkness indeed is the most colourful thing I ve know … a million colors are no match for the varying shades of darkness, yet all people think of is “Black” when they hear Darkness !

Demons we need …

Humanity is most creative during the dark and tough times. To be creative, we need demons becuase no angel ever set fire to the world. 


Ain’t it amazing, the power of fragrances.  

Sitting at coffee shop and some lady passes by wearing Chanel, Lacoste, Burberry, Dior, or what not. In that moment when the wiff hits and is at its strongest, the feeling is hard to describe. 

Well not just ladies, a more powerful whiff hits when one is near the perfume section of the mall. 

The thing to note is that the mixed fragrance vs. the single fragrance has a totally different impact. 

The brains working is indeed complex yet superbly elegant. 


At times one questions one’s existence. Everyone does, yes, they do. 

Questioning ones existence is a byproduct of a conscious mind. Or perhaps, that of the subconscious. 

Questioning existence is the essence of existence itself.

Boom in full Swing. 

Something satisfying about simply watching the construction crane booms swinging on top of buildings. 

Which do I prefer, sitting next to a water body and observing the water or watching cranes operate, I know not !

Criterion of Truth. 

“… It compared the doctrines of the different schools with each other, and showed from their contradictions that man has no criterion of truth; that, since differ according to the country in which he lives, they can have no foundation in Nature, but must be altogether the result of education; that right and wrong are nothing more than fictions created by society for its own purposes. ”

Excerpts from History of Conflict between Religion and Science, John William Draper

Walking …

I love cycling, i do, but then had missed the longs walk for quite some time. 

Long silent walks with EDM/ Metal blazing through ears. It used to be a routine and the aimless walks were almost every other day. For me its the best “me” time. 

After quite long, the long walk today makes me feel that this should be done more often.

There is a good thing which spawns from every unwanted / unpleasnt occurence. Had the bicycle tire not been flat perhaps would’nt have stepped out for the ling walk ! 

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