Random Musings of the Ghost within .


Do whatever,




Night Thoughts …

The One

Always be with the one,

Who forces you against your will, to protect you !

Who always points out your mistakes, to make you better !

Who guides you, so you can find your way!

Who will still care for you if your mistakes get you in trouble !

If you know someone like this, all you need to do is hold them close and never let them go,

By just doing so you will find what people pursue for their whole lives, “Contentment !”


Mid Day Thoughts …

Not sure why I always meet people

Who say that it’s a bad time cos they are sad, upset or don’t feel things

Maybe I am jinxed or,

Maybe just need to lower my expectations from life.

And stop doing things for people.

Maybe i will be happier.


During the loneliest, darkest and saddest hours,

We turn to Nature,

And Nature never disappoints !


A choice

Never take people for granted,

Esp. People who matter,

People who make you safe and cared and loved.

Walk an extra mile for them, Make them feel special,

Hold them close, make efforts and care for them.

You always have a choice, easy or tough, so choose.

By the time when you realise it was a wrong choice, or you didn’t make a choice

Its too late and those people are gone forever !

Random 2

You kind of question the existence of your social life when you can’t seem to find anyone for a drink on Friday Night,

And your only companion is music, coffee and fixed gear bike.

Well, at least 3 companions !!

Consumed …

Wandering in the streets of Loneliness,

One hopes to find solace,

Forgetting that those streets have Demons,

Who might “consume” ’em !

But, Ironically, on streets of Companionship,

Sometimes, one is “consumed”,

Without a Demon !


In your arms …

Take me away someplace else, I need peace

Take me away someplace else, I need calmness,

Take me away someplace else, I need love,

Take me away someplace else, I need purpose,

Take me away someplace else, I need care,

Take me away someplace else, I need a heart to hold,

Or, Just take me in your arms, I find ’em all there.

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