In trains, coffee shops, mall, on the streets, in parks, earlier when someone was fiddling with their smartphones on would have guessed that they wud be messaging or social media apps or perhaps reading news !

Well, now, the odds are pretty high that folks are actually searching for pokemons ! Malls have signboards saying Pokemon Gym.

Games have been part of humans for quite sometime. From the days of Snake on BW displays to GPS enabled games are Pokemon. Games now influence the real world and not longer constrained to virtual world. Influencing out movements, making us cognizant of surroundings we never turned to see. 

Are these virtual games brining is closer to the physical world or would we see the physical world as a part of the virtual world ?!

Would we in future interact with the physical world through virtual eyes. Put on a Beach mode, wear your ultra HD Virtual reality enabled contact lenses and one is teleported to their favourite beach destination. 

Well for me, cycling around and being close to nature without any virtual intervention is the perfect way to spend weekends !