This song By Pete Yorn reminds me of the episode from House MD wherein Kutner supposedly commits suicide. 

I clearly remember the look on face of Dr. House, and how emotional I got, the moment the song kicked in I couldn’t help the tears rolling down my eyes. 

Some website said that listening to sad songs like this one during time of sadness / depression is a bad idea. But when feeling low this songs kinda takes me intto the abyss where I find myself sinking down until at one point the sinking stops and I say the phase is gone ! 

Fear of loss is one of the greatest fear of man. Loss of material possesions, loss of loved ones are losses with which humans can deal with given time, but not losing oneself. 

The fear of losing ourselves, I think, is our greatest fears and the fear makes us who we are and keeps us going, keeps us strong to fight monster within and outside ! The fear and demons within we fight makes us who we are. 

Fear isn’t weakness, it is indeed our greatest strength !