There is something with songs of Bob Dylan. The depth, the choice of words, raw feel. Especially the ballads. 

I am no authority to comment on Dyaln’s impact and influence on music. But Without Dylan we would never have known “knocking on heavens door”, Judas Priest wouldn’t have been Judas Priest, Joan Baez would have never sung ” Diamonds and Rust”, Jimi Hendrix would have never taken up vocals, there would be no “Like a rolling stone”, Lennon’s “God” would not have referenced Zimmermann, there would be no existence of “The Wallflowers” and no song called “With one Headlight”, The Boss would not have had the honour of inducting one of the greatest musicians and lyricist to Hall of Fame is 1988, we would never have the “It ain’t me Babe” covered by Johnny Cash and June Carter, and list goes on. 

Dylans first draft of Like a Rolling Stone was 20 pages, now if the above list were to include all influences and impact of Dylan, all the paper in the world wouldn’t suffice. And Dylan is a painter too !

Tracks in background while pondering over Dylan

  • The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
  • Stuck inside a mobile with Memphis blues
  • Mr. Tambourine man
  • Like a Rolling stone
  • Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest
  • Don’t think Twice, its all right
  • All along the watchtower
  • It ain’t me Babe
  • Blowin in the wind.