Random Musings of the Ghost within .

Haunted …

The day one ceases,

To be haunted …

Is the day,

One ceases to live …

– El Fantasma


Giving …

Around the streets while walking or cycling one comes across people asking for help, usually monetary help so they can get some food. 

Well I think, the better option is to buy food. Not always but when I can I would just buy them food. 

As per old saying, one should give things which would satisfy or make the other person satiated. Even in traditional rituals, they would feed the poor and needy but never give money or other valuables. 

Money never satisfies but food always does !!


There is something with songs of Bob Dylan. The depth, the choice of words, raw feel. Especially the ballads. 

I am no authority to comment on Dyaln’s impact and influence on music. But Without Dylan we would never have known “knocking on heavens door”, Judas Priest wouldn’t have been Judas Priest, Joan Baez would have never sung ” Diamonds and Rust”, Jimi Hendrix would have never taken up vocals, there would be no “Like a rolling stone”, Lennon’s “God” would not have referenced Zimmermann, there would be no existence of “The Wallflowers” and no song called “With one Headlight”, The Boss would not have had the honour of inducting one of the greatest musicians and lyricist to Hall of Fame is 1988, we would never have the “It ain’t me Babe” covered by Johnny Cash and June Carter, and list goes on. 

Dylans first draft of Like a Rolling Stone was 20 pages, now if the above list were to include all influences and impact of Dylan, all the paper in the world wouldn’t suffice. And Dylan is a painter too !

Tracks in background while pondering over Dylan

  • The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
  • Stuck inside a mobile with Memphis blues
  • Mr. Tambourine man
  • Like a Rolling stone
  • Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest
  • Don’t think Twice, its all right
  • All along the watchtower
  • It ain’t me Babe
  • Blowin in the wind.

Lose You …

This song By Pete Yorn reminds me of the episode from House MD wherein Kutner supposedly commits suicide. 

I clearly remember the look on face of Dr. House, and how emotional I got, the moment the song kicked in I couldn’t help the tears rolling down my eyes. 

Some website said that listening to sad songs like this one during time of sadness / depression is a bad idea. But when feeling low this songs kinda takes me intto the abyss where I find myself sinking down until at one point the sinking stops and I say the phase is gone ! 

Fear of loss is one of the greatest fear of man. Loss of material possesions, loss of loved ones are losses with which humans can deal with given time, but not losing oneself. 

The fear of losing ourselves, I think, is our greatest fears and the fear makes us who we are and keeps us going, keeps us strong to fight monster within and outside ! The fear and demons within we fight makes us who we are. 

Fear isn’t weakness, it is indeed our greatest strength !

Dream is Over

The Dreams that end are the ones which make humans “dream” bigger, the endings of the dreams makes us dreamers… Endings are always new Beginnings !

Vibrant Melancholy !

Depression and Sad songs is a juxtaposition, just like Rainy Days and Gloominess …

Sad Songs are the most uplifting and Rainy Days are the brightest …

Afterthoughts from Endless Rains by X Japan (

Shades of Darkness …

Darkness indeed is the most colourful thing I ve know … a million colors are no match for the varying shades of darkness, yet all people think of is “Black” when they hear Darkness !

Demons we need …

Humanity is most creative during the dark and tough times. To be creative, we need demons becuase no angel ever set fire to the world. 


Ain’t it amazing, the power of fragrances.  

Sitting at coffee shop and some lady passes by wearing Chanel, Lacoste, Burberry, Dior, or what not. In that moment when the wiff hits and is at its strongest, the feeling is hard to describe. 

Well not just ladies, a more powerful whiff hits when one is near the perfume section of the mall. 

The thing to note is that the mixed fragrance vs. the single fragrance has a totally different impact. 

The brains working is indeed complex yet superbly elegant. 

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